10 Interesting Facts About Lihlonolofatso Litlhakanyane-Tebello From Scandal

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Get To Know Lihlonolofatso Litlhakanyane-Tebello From Scandal

Lihlonolofatso is a young rising South African actor who is well known for his inspiring role as Tebello on Scandal ETV. On Scandal, Lihlonolofatso’s character the character of a young abandoned child who took care of Yvonne’s mother and his acting skills has evoked sympathy from Scandal viewers. In this article, you get to learn 10 Interesting Facts About Lihlonolofatso Litlhakanyane.


  1. Lithonolofatso real mother is Palesa, Palesa couldn’t be prouder of her son who has gain status in the acting industry. Palesa has said that even though her son is confident on-screen, he is actually a very shy boy in real life.

2. Even though Tebello on Scandal is Lithonolofatso’s first acting gig, but the young man has settled right into the role and his ability to keep viewers captivated has had viewers loving him more especially considering his age.

3. Talent runs in his family. His brother whose name is Tlonolofatso is also an actor. Tlonolofatso plays the role of Thabo, also on the ETV Scandal!

4. Litlhakanyane has a sister and she is the one who convinced him to try out for auditions after she saw an ad for a child actor on Facebook. His sister begged him to attend the auditions and here he is the Mzansi’s most loved young actor.

5. Lihlonolofatso is famous for playing the role of Tebello on Scandal!. He plays Tebello, an abandoned child who stayed with Yvonne’s mother until she died. He was then left living the life in Johannesburg with Yvonne.

6. ETV Scanda’s Tebello has won hearts of the show’s viewers because of his confidence and acting skills.

7. Even though  Tebello on Scandal is 12 years old, in real life Lihlonolofatso Litlhakanyane age is is 10.

8. He is one of the SA actors who are owning in 2020.

9. Acting hasn’t affected his schooling because the scandal actor is doing exceptionally at school even in real life. The grade 5 pupil’s said his favourite school subject is maths.

10. When he grows up, Lihlonolofatso would like to become a lawyer and own multiple companies.