5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Human Trafficking in 2020

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is basically the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labour, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others. In South Africa, it occurs as a practice of forced labour and commercial sexual exploitation among imported and exported trafficked men, women, and children. 

What are some examples of human trafficking?

Below are some of the most commonly reported forms of human trafficking you might need to know:.
  • Sexual exploitation-This is when someone is deceived, coerced or forced to take part in sexual activity.
  • Labour exploitation.
  • Forced criminality.
  • Child soldiers.
  • Domestic servitude.
  • Forced marriage.
  • Organ harvesting.

How human trafficking affects South Africa?

South Africa has had so many cases of human trafficking in the past years. Basically, traffickers “recruit” children and give them fake identification documents and are most likely part of a network of organized criminals. Additionally, due to the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in South Africa, many children end up without parents and in so much poverty, making them more vulnerable to these diseases.

So, How can we stop human trafficking in South Africa?

1. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Everywhere you go, spend a moment getting familiar with your surroundings. Always stay alert and know your surroundings. Never allow your phone to distract you when you’re walking. If you happen to be followed by someone stranger or a car, alert someone you trust immediately.

When you witness a suspicious car, report it. All the right descriptions matter. Know the vehicle’s registration, number of occupants, colour and make.

2. Don’t Trust Easily

Yes,there’s nothing wrong with being e a good person, but don’t be gullible and trusting of strangers.

3. Avoid Walking Alone

Try at all cost not to walk alone, kidnappings happen mostly to women walking alone.

4. Be Social Media Wise

Do you know ho traffickers use social media to lure their victims? Mostly, human traffickers use social media to target and recruit their victims by appearing to offer help or pretending to be a friend or potential romantic partner. They entice victims’ vulnerabilities and coerce them to meet in person.

5. Always Trust Your Instincts

You need to always trust your instincts, the inner voice inside your head is usually right. Seek advice from someone you trust, a family member or a friend if you get offers that are too good to be true. Decline their offer and see how they react. Look for signs of abusive or possessive behaviours. if the person is suspicious, avoid them completely.

Trust your gut, when you get suspicious. Act on it.