Consulta-The Independent Market Research Firm

Consulta-The Independent Market Research Firm

What is Consulta ?

Consulta (Pty) Ltd is an Independent market research firm. Consulta is one the leading customer experience consulting and market research firms in South Africa, with a staff complement of full time employees supported by part-time consultants/researchers. The company was founded in 1998 by Professor Adré Schreuder in partnership with the University of Pretoria. Consulta offices are in Centurion 9 Oak Ave, Highveld,0157.

Delivering excellent customer service is one of the things that ensure a business attracts more customers, builds a stronger brand, maintains customer loyalty and keeps customers coming back for more.

We can’t talk about customer satisfaction without mentioning ProfAdré Schreuder the founder of Consulta. He completed his B Com, B Com Hons & M Com all Cum Laude at University of Pretoria. Prof. Adré Schreuder completed his Doctoral studies at University of Johannesburg. He is the Founder & CEO of Consulta (Pty) Ltd, Founder & Chair of South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi), He has over 25 years experience in business consulted by companies across multiple industries both locally and internationally.

Consulta offers The following Solutions:

Advanced Analytics

Why do you need Advanced Analytics?

Have you ever thought that it would be great if research can be integrated with internal databases (such as CRM, transactional, etc.)

Did you ever had to answer the questions: what will happen next, will these trends continue, how do we do things better?

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Community Solutions

Why do you need Community Solutions?

Your hit-rates on telephonic and online surveys have been going down – you need to create some value for your stakeholders so that they are willing to share information with you.

You need in-depth insights: Inspiration, exploring target group and product usage. You need input for developing: Turn insights into new value propositions. You want to implement products/changes right the first time: Fine-tune product, positioning and launch campaign.

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Data Solutions

Why do you need Data Solutions?

You need to conduct telephonic interviews in South Africa or in an African country.

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Engagement Solutions

Why do you need Engagement Solutions?

You struggle to master the art of action and to turn strategy into reality and make the conceptual tangible.

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Insight – The Key!

If you are looking to become more customer-centric, look no further.

“Consulta is known for its exceptionally scientific approach – an approach which builds a huge amount of credibility into what we do, and creates a very high level of confidence and trust in the information and insights we provide.” – Stephan du Plessis, Chief Commercial Officer, Consulta.

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Technology Solutions

Specializing in the design, implementation and ongoing support of Feedback Management environments.

We also create relevant, proven and affordable technology and software development solutions for businesses, enabling them to save costs while increasing productivity and competitiveness.

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