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Fans get emotional as top scandal Actor dumps the show

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Fans get emotional as top scandal Actor dumps the show

A lot of heartbroken South Africans took the time out of their busy schedule to send their heartfelt goodbye messages after the news broke out that their favourite show is technically coming to an end.

According to various media reports one of scandal’s longest actors has decided to hand in their resignation after he felt that this show was no longer going in the direction that he thought it was going in. Salamina Mosese aka Lerumo Chabedi, has decided to exit the show- and the viewers were not happy about it

Lerumo is not the first powerhouse actor to leave scandal in the past few months. Other actors have also left including the likes of Romeo Medupe. This is what he had to say after the news broke out:

“I am glad that scandal has given me this grand opportunity but I feel like I should be exploring other ventures of my life. I would like to thank to thank our viewers for supporting us and inviting us into their homes, I hope that they will continue watching the show and being behind these actors that are left thank you all for this opportunity” said Lerumo.

With each and every passing month scandal seems to be bleeding a lot of quiet quality actors which has left many people wondering if it is next soapie that will be on the chopping block in the next coming months.

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