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Health Insurance Companies In South Africa

Health Insurance Companies In South Africa

Having a hospital plan or medical aid is very important as accidents and illnesses are unforeseen events that can have to us at any moment of our lives.Health Insurance is important.

When the unforeseen events occur, you want to make sure you and your family are fully prepared and you health is in the best hands possible. Below are health insurance companies.Find the best benefit for your medical care for you and your family:


Clientele Hospital Plans offer affordable rates from and covers you for Hospital Cover, Accidental Death,  Accidental Disability and Dread Disease. Clientele health insurance plans provide cash benefits for your hospitalization needs. To find out more about this offer, visit

clientele health insurance


Medihelp is one of the biggest medical aid schemes in South Africa. Medihelp Medical aid members have access to all the private hospitals nationwide and options of choosing their own preferred GP, and other healthcare professionals. To find out more about their offers visit 

medihelp health insurance


Selfmed prides itself in its ability to deliver high quality cover. Selfmed is one of the Insurance Companies that focus on their primary objectives.They have the following cover options: Unlimited hospitalisation at any private clinic in South Africa,emergency transport where the use of ER24 will be dispatched to any location, and many more.To find out more about them,visit

selfmed health insurance


Momentum is one of the most trusted and largest medical aids in South Africa.Momentum offer flexible plans such as having complete control over your healthcare savings account. To find out more about their products,visit

momentum health insurance


Medshield provides a vast range of healthcare products that are said to be affordable and manageable. People who enroll Medshield services receive access to a health consultant twenty four hours a day for sufferers from chronic conditions as well as newborn baby advice.To find out more about their products,visit

medshield health insurance


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