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How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

It has never been easy to get the cheapest car insurance, even if there are many car insurance companies in the industry these days. If you wish to find the cheapest car insurance , you need to find out a few things about premiums offered by insurance companies. The following factors can help you:

The Type of Car You Drive

If you would like to get a cheaper insurance , consider buying a low risk vehicle. How will you know which car is low risk? obviously, lower risk cars are the ones which are not too nice, not popular brands. If you want insurance for a fabulous car, but you want the cheapest car insurance make sure you install some anti-theft systems on the car. Insurance companies consider this when quoting you.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online

Shopping for the cheapest car insurance quotes online saves money. We all know that the car insurance rates are affected by several factors, and are different based on the insurance providers. Make sure you search for different insurance companies and request cheap car insurance quotes. Compare those car insurance quotes and go for the one with a good price and better deals.

Why You Should Compare car Insurance Quotes Online

Many people think car insurance is not important because accident don’t always happen. However, car insurance is very important for both the driver and car protection. Some insurance companies will cover hospital expenses and car repairs depending on the type of car insurance coverage. Car insurance companies have different offers, that’s why it’s very important for vehicle owners to compare car insurance quotes online.

Getting a low car insurance premium will be based on the person’s circumstances. If you’ve had multiple accidents, most car insurance companies will give you higher monthly insurance premium but if your record if clean, you will pay less monthly premium.

Online car insurance quotes are good because some companies can even provide discounts to vehicle owners who have obtained several policies. Different tools of searching insurance companies online are available and this gives necessary information of cheap insurance rates. Taking advantage of the internet can help you secure the best premium at a rate lower than others. If you don’t compare quotes for car insurance, you might end up paying expensive car insurance coverage plans. Therefore, take your time and do a lot of research in the internet to find the best car insurance quote.

Insurance Quotes

Once you’re done with the car insurance quotes, you can call a representative from the insurance company to get more details about the offer. Remember that there are some companies who have hidden insurance costs/charges, so it is very important to confirm their offer and compare it among other car insurance companies. Noting the fees and identifying the future benefits should be done to arrive at the right car insurance company. Some car insurance companies offer cheap insurance quotes but in limited insurance coverage. So, before you decide to take the offer, it’s best to go through the benefits and the offered monthly insurance premium. This can really can help you avoid future inconveniences. If you compare insurance quotes online, you will not be directed to the wrong car insurance company.

Car Insurance Excess

Car insurance excess is another important factor to consider, it plays an important role in your monthly premium. If you choose a higher excess amount, the monthly insurance premium will be lower and higher for a low access amount.

The Driver

Other factors that influence your monthly car insurance premium are:


2.Marital Status


4.Travel Distance

5.Where you live

6.Driving history/record

Make sure you keep these factors in mind when signing a car insurance policy. Avoid mistakes when signing they may increase the amount of your car insurance premium .Make sure you put the right mileage, make and model of your car and other important information.

Types of Car Insurance In SA

Most car insurance companies in South Africa offer comprehensive insurance, third party insurance and third party fire and theft insurance.

Comprehensive insurance is the type of insurance that covers you for physical damage caused to your car or someone’s car (if you were driving it). Also, comprehensive car insurance covers you if you crush into someone’s car.

Comprehensive insurance covers against a variety of risks such as:

  1. Accident
  2. Theft of your car

Third party car insurance and third party fire and theft insurance are mostly cheaper than a comprehensive insurance but the disadvantage is that you will not be covered against all risks.

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