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Life Insurance Companies in South Africa

Life insurance companies


Life Insurance Companies in South Africa

Life Insurance Companies in South Africa

When one is planning to get Life Insurance in South Africa, it is very important to do a thorough research on the life insurance industry and gather all the required required information to make the best decisions.

There are so many life insurance companies but it can be so difficult for the average consumer to make a decision as to which company to use. When looking for a life insurance provider, make sure you find out more about each company’s policy, mainly concerning risk assessment, exclusion clauses, and other limitations and benefits of the life insurance policy. A thorough research will lead to a properly-selected life insurance policy for both you and your dependants; with no unpleasant surprises should you claim.

Below is a list of Life insurance companies in South Africa:
  • 1Lifedirect Insurance Ltd
  • ABSA Life Ltd
  • Alexander Forbes Life Ltd
  • Rentmeester Assurance Ltd
  • Safrican Insurance Company Ltd
  • Allan Gray Life Ltd
  • Assupol Life
  • AVBOB Mutual Assurance Company Ltd
  • New Era Life Insurance Company Ltd
  • Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) Ltd
  • Pinnafrica Life Ltd
  • Professional Provident Society Insurance Company Ltd
  • Prosperity Insurance Company Ltd
  • BoE Life Assurance Company
  • Capital Alliance Life Ltd
  • Channel Life Ltd
  • Discovery Life Ltd
  • Guardrisk Life Ltd
  • Hollard Life Assurance Company Ltd
  • HTG Life Ltd
  • Instant Life Ltd
  • Charter Life Insurance Company Ltd
  • Clientele Life Assurance Company Ltd
  • Investec Employee Benefits Ltd
  • Investment Solutions Ltd
  • Liberty Group Ltd
  • McLife Assurance Company Ltd
  • Medscheme Life Assurance Company Ltd
  • Metropolitan Life Ltd
  • Momentum Group Ltd
  • Miway
  • Regent Life Assurance Company Ltd
  • Sage Life Ltd
  • Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd.

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