The Best Telkom Data bundles and Prices 2020

Telkom Data bundles

The Best Telkom Data bundles Latest Prices

In South Africa mobile data market, Telkom has over the years proven to be one of the standouts. Telkom services have become a reliable network service provider here in South Africa. The Telkom data prices are cheap in whichever different data package you choose to go with. Here are some mobile packages you can enjoy using Telkom:

Firstly, let’s answer these most popular questions from Telkom’s clients:

How do I get cheap data on Telkom?

Basically, to be able to get cheap data on Telkom you need to login to their system and compare data bundle prices they are offering. Below are some steps on how to buy a bundle through their system.

How to buy a bundle.
  1. Dial *180# and choose ‘bundle purchase’
  2. Log on to our self-service portal.
  3. On the Telkom mobile app for iOS or Android, but you’ll need data to log on!
  4. Buy at Telkom Stores, FNB, ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Edcon, Ackermans, Flash, PEP, Shoprite, Dunns, Foschini and Shoe City.
  5. How much is 10gb of data Telkom.

How much is 10gb of data Telkom?

Telkom Mobile prepaid data promotions Price
500MB Telkom Mobile only R69
1GB Telkom Mobile only R119
5GB Telkom Mobile only R349
10GB Telkom Mobile only R999

How much is Telkom uncapped data?

Telkom basically offers a SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless package (with a Huawei B315 LTE Router) at an affordable cost of R799 p/m. The package includes: Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Bundles (10 GB FUP) Out of bundle rate for data.

The Best Telkom Data bundles and Prices 2020:

FreeMe Bundle

What is a FreeMe bundle? FreeMe bundles are a  very unique and important way for you to connect with the world through data, voice calls, SMS’s and WhatsApp.You are able to get the bundles on prepaid, post-paid and top-up. This is basically an all-inclusive package.

The data plan is very convenient to use if you own business because it’s affordable and can allow you to complete all your activities with ease.  The bundles are only valid for fourteen days and can be renewed when they expire. The freeMe bundle cost only R29 and has the following features:

  • 150 MB
  • Free 150MB for VoIP and instant messaging
  • Free 50 SMSs
  • Free 150 minutes to mobile lines

Once off Bundles

By default, Telkom usually blocks your mobile data usage to prevent you from running into out-of-bundle charges. Did you know that? The provider will also keep notify you via SMS as your mobile data is depleted. Telkom contract and prepaid customers are charged 29c per MB for out-of-bundle usage.

So, this package can be helpful for people who have a very busy schedule. Once you have subscribed to it, you receive your internet data on a monthly basis. The package includes the following features:

  • 25MB
  • Available for purchase to all customers
  • Out of bundle rate of R0.30 per MB
  • Valid until the end of the month
  • Extended national coverage giving access to Telkom mobile network and roaming network.

Time-based data bundles

Time-based data bundles offer you an opportunity to enjoy data services at a particular time. There are good because they’ll help you avoid wasting a lot of data and money. So,if you’re one of those people with dedicated schedules,time-based data bundles are basically for you.These data bundles are divided into three:

Hourly bundles

  • 75MB
  • Access to roaming services
  • Valid for an hour after purchase
  • Access to Telkom network
  • Available for new and existing customers

Daily bundles

  • 150MB per day
  • Available for new and existing customers
  • Access to roaming services
  • Valid for 24hours

Weekend bundles

These are available to new and existing customers of the Telkom network. These are the four options you can have as a customer:

  1. 100MB (R10)
  2. 200MB (R20)
  3. 500MB (R29)
  4. 1GB (R49)

Monthly Recurring bundle

Monthly Recurring Data Bundle gives customers an option to purchase recurring data bundles once and get a monthly allocation at the beginning of every calendar month. Visit Telkom to learn more about them.

The plan basically costs about R7.35  for 25MB of data. If you’re one of the people who don’t have time to subscribe for daily or weekly data plans then we advise you to try out a monthly recurring data bundle. The Telkom network monthly recurring bundle includes:

Bundle         Size Price
25MB           R7.25
50MB           R14.50
100MB         R29
250MB         R39
500MB         R69
1GB             R99
2GB             R139
3GB             R199
5GB             R299
10GB           R499

  • 25MB
  • Valid until the end of the next calendar month
  • The bundle will be allocated on the 1st of every month
  • Available for purchase to existing and new Top Up, postpaid voice customers
  • Out of bundle rate for R0.30 per MB
  • Allows roaming services

Telkom LTE deals

The Telkom LTE deals package offers you a lot of options which include:

  • Wireless 5GB (priced at R249)
  • Wireless 20GB (priced at R455)
  • Wireless 30GB (priced at R555)
  • Wireless 50GB (priced at R759)
  • Wireless 100GB (priced at R1059)

The Telkom LTE deals offer a package including:

  • 20GB
  • Out of bundle rate for R0.30 per MB
  • Free SIM and Connection
  • 20GB Telkom night (midnight – 7 am)
  • Free Unlimited Wi-Fi bundle (10GB FUP)
  • LTE/LTE-A Wi-Fi Router included if you take Contract.

How do I contact Telkom?

If you want to Call Telkom Directly. Call 10120 to speak with a customer service agent. This number will connect you with a customer service specialist who will help you with anything you need from them.

What is Telkom toll free number?

Customer Care *180# Telkom Call Me Menu *140# Telkom Call Me Service *140*[insert contact’s number]#

What is Telkom call Centre number?

Telkom Customer Service. Phone: dial 10210 or 0800 11 5357.

Phone: 10217  for business customers.

Phone: +27 12 678 5580  for complaints.