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What Happened To Connie Ferguson & Sophie Libachaba Friendship?

What Happened To Connie Ferguson & Sophie Libachaba Friendship?


What Happened To Connie Ferguson & Sophie Libachaba Friendship?

What actually transpired between Connie Furguson and Sophie Lichaba who were co-stars in the old Generations telenovela, were very close. All is now water under the bridge and we seem to wonder what eroded their friendship.

If my memory serves me well they worked for more than a decade and half together in the popular soapie.

I recall Sophie when she spoke to News24 back in 2009 when she said; “At work l’m close to Connie Furguson (Karabo). She’s been like a sister to me for 15 years. She has such a special place in my heart.”

Such sentiments by Sophie automatically indicate that the two queen of Mzansi television were really watching each other’s back without fail.

In the interview Sophie pointed at Sithandiwe Kgoroge as her best friend, but Connie Furguson needed no comparison since she was like a sister to her which made them very near to each other. Like l said before, all have disappeared into thin air.

Their situation pushes for a question; What happened? Were they frenemies?

One thing for real, the social media can either mould you positively or destroy you,why l say so is that, back in 2017 Sophie had a short-lived marriage to Bishop Keith Harrington.

The Social media Village jump in and made some alleged comments saying Sophie was competing with Connie her friend by marrying a man with an English surname; Harrington/Ferguson. Connie was present to witness their marriage.

The two women were never annoyed by the social media comments , instead they kept their friendship going without feelings of jealousy.

Unfortunately her marriage hit a dead rock, Bishop Harringon and Sophie went separate ways due to some unmentioned and misty circumstances.

Sophie is still relevant despite facing chronic illness. She’s now married to businessman, Max Lichaba who is very supportive and in love with her.

Based on rumours, Sophie was surprised when she heard that Connie went behind Sophie’s back and asked for her job back at Generations and got it after Mfundi Vundla dismissed all 16 cast members.

It was a bitter pill to swallow for all concerned since they had spoke with one voice and lost. One of them, Connie Furguson went back and made a side deal without them, even her long time friend Sophie.

Both Sophie and Connie have never brought their fallout to the public attention but, without doubt, their friendship is hanging on the wire. Rumours and speculation are part of the game in the showbiz, only the two parties hold the key to the real stor

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